San Francisco Art Institute, MFA in New Genres, 2005
Ontario College of Art & Design, A.O.C.A.D. with Honors majoring in photography, 2003


crystal liu, ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai, 2017
in dreams, Galerie Du Monde, Hong Kong, 2017
weighing it out, Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco, 2016-2017
Crystal Liu, Morgan Lehman Gallery, New York, 2016
One on One: Solo Exhibitions by Crystal Liu and Qi Yu, Galerie Du Monde, Hong Kong, 2016
I always meant to love you, Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco, 2015
Crystal Liu: with perplexity…, San Marco Gallery, Dominican University of California, San Rafael, 2015
don’t let me down, Katzman Kamen Gallery, Toronto, 2011
what sparkles…, Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco, 2011
give us our dream: part two, Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto, 2010
give us our dream: part one, Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco, 2009
Crystal Liu, Collectors Contemporary, Singapore, 2009
100 stories, Hosfelt Gallery, New York, 2008
black storm, come, Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto, 2007
before I ever dreamed you, Hosfelt Gallery, New York, 2007
remember when we used to dream, Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco, 2006
in the dead of winter, Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto, 2006
you’re invited, Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco, 2005
up in the air, Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto, 2005


BETWEEN THEM: An Installation Composed of Drawings, Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco, 2019
side by side/in the world,  SFAC Gallery, San Francisco, 2019
no moon at all, Organhaus, Chongqing, China, 2017
Detritus, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, 2017
Bedazzled: Art That is Bewitching, Bejeweled, The Lehman College Art Gallery, Bronx, New York,  2016
What Have We Done, Walker Contemporary, Waitsfield, Vermont,  2016
Semi-Permeable, Hosfelt Galley, New York, 2012
Time Flies, Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco, 2011
The Coldest Winter I Ever Spent Was A Summer in San Francisco, Hosfelt Gallery, 2009
Tomorrow, Steven Wolf Fine Arts, San Francisco, 2009
And the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon, Collectors Contemporary, Singapore, 2008
40th Anniversary Art on Paper, Weatherspoon Art Museum, North Carolina, 2008
Vocabularies of Metaphor: More Stories, Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco, 2008
Summer Reading, Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco, 2008
100 stories, Hosfelt Gallery, New York, 2008
Nostalgia, Chinese Culture Center, San Francisco, 2007
Pattern vs. Decoration, Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco, 2007
Drawings: Visions, Surfaces and Beyond, Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, 2007
Inaugural Show, Hosfelt Gallery, New York, 2006
Book, Hosfelt Gallery, New York, 2006
M Theory, Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco, 2005
The Enchanted Forest, Musee of New Langton Arts, San Francisco, 2005
RGB, TransAmerica Center, San Francisco, 2005
Landscape Project, Gallery 44, Toronto, 2005
San Francisco Art Institute MFA Show, Fort Mason, San Francisco, 2005
In League with Forces of Evil, Kino Lab, Ujazdowskie Castle, Poland, 2005
Fog Food, De Young Musuem Satellite Space, San Francisco, 2005
Death By Tea light Part II, Artist Television Access, San Francisco, 2005
My House Is Dead, The Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, 2004
You Are Here, The Drake Hotel, Toronto, 2004
Art Books, Walter and McBean Gallery, San Francisco, 2004
Third Street Hard Knox Fat Famous Dog Patch Show, Swell Gallery, San Francisco, 2004
Group Show, Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto, 2003
Debut, Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto, 2003

Organhaus, Chongqing, China, September to November 2017


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